Neuro Sciences


The Neurology division of this hospital has a state-of -art neurophysiology laboratory equipped with an 18-Channel computerised Electroencephalograph(EEG), 2-Channel Electromyograph(EMG) and Evoked Potential (EP)System which is capable of doing Nerve Conduction Studies(NCV) of motor and sensory nerves. Assisted by the In-house MRI and high resolution CT facilities, our neurologists and their team have been providing the best neurology care in the region.


Only hospital in the region to actually time the neurological events and capable of intervening in the ‘golden period’ for the best possible recovery from paralytic, trauma and other life-threatening events.


The Neurosurgery division has state of art Operation Theatres, having laminar flow system (zero bacteria), C-Arm Image Intensifier, Operating Microscope and other instruments of international standards.
Many complicated surgical interventions have been done at Regency Neuro Care Centre by full time neuro surgeons using Micro neuro surgical techniques such as:

  • Tumour Surgery: Malignant and benign tumours including Glioma, Meningioma, Posterior fossa including C.P. angle tumours.
  • Orbital Tumours.
  • Spine Surgery: Anterior approach (Median corpectomy with Grafting and Plating) for cervical spondylotic myelopathy, Cervical disc and Traumatic spine features, Trans-thoracic approach for Dorsal Spinal Lesions, Spinal tumours-intramedullary Intradural extra medullary and Extradural , Microdiscoidectomy.
  • Head injuries-all grades and types.
  • Paediatric Neurusurgery- growing skull fracture , Paediatric tumours, Hydrocephalus, Menin gomyelocele and Tethered Cord syndrome etc.
  • Vascular Lesions- Vascular Malformations and Aneurysms.
  • Trans Sphenoid approach for Pituitary Tumours.
  • Micro-Neurosurgery for various brain and spinal Lesions.


  • First hospital in private sector in Kanpur to perform anterior skull base approach and surgeries for orbital tumor.
  • Routinely performing surgery for head injuries, brain tumours, spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage and spine.
  • More than 200 microneurosurgical procedures including microdiscectomy performed.
  • Starting vascular, stereotactic and neuroendoscopic procedures in near future.
  • With facilities for in house CT scan and neuro ICU managing patients requiring speclialised neurosurgical care specially RTA.


Regency hospital has an ultra modern neurological intensive care set up equipped with modern ventilators and intracranial pressure and multiparametric monitoring including acid-base and gas analysis enabling us to efficiently manage wide range of neuro-emergencies such as head injuries, neurosurgery post-operative care, coma of diverse causes , cerebrovascular accidents , status epilepticus, CNS infections Guillain-Barre Syndrome with respiratory paralysis, myasthenic crisis etc.

Neuro Imaging

Our neurological services are backed by excellent round-the-clock neuroimaging facilities such as high resolution CT Scanner and modern X-Ray machine equipped with Image Intensifier, CT guided brain biopsy, Myelogram, CT myelogram, transcranial ultrasound (in neonates and infants)are done routinely in this hospital .Four vessel cranial angiogram facility enable us to diagnose and manage CNS vascular lesions efficiently.

Neuro Emergency

Regency Hospitals handle all accidental cases of head injury round the clock basis in a most professional manner. The Neuro surgeons of the hospitals are always on call to attend the poly trauma cases and several lives have been saved by prompt intervention by the neurosurgeons and operating the patients with head injuries within a few minutes of their arrival at our Trauma Care Centre/Emergency Department.
At Regency Hospitals, under the Neuro Emergency we provide the best services for treatment of the cases of Brain Stroke/ Attack (Cerebro-Vascular-Accident)