Renal Sciences

With the increasing numbers of patients with kidney diseases, Regency Healthcare now has a dedicated hospital for Renal Sciences. Dialysis is carried out round the clock. For the diagnosis of complex renal diseases the hospital provides a combination of conventional and most sophisticated investigations and procedures like –

  • 3 D US with Doppler study for Renal vessels
  • CT scan, IVP, Renal Angiography
  • Kidney Biopsy is done by modern US guided automated gun
  • All possible modes of therapeutic interventions like maintenance hemodialysis on ultramodern German hemodialysis machines with superb volumetric control (Acetate as well as Bio carbonate)
  • Emergency hemodialysis available round the clock
  • Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal dialysis
  • Acute Peritoneal dialysis and Automated Peritoneal dialysis (APD)
  • Hemofiltration, Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT)
  • Apart from the above mentioned facilities, the department has taken special interest to promote preventive nephrology i.e. the prevention of Kidney diseases in susceptible individuals
  • Kidney transplantation


The most modern, well equipped, highly trained staff is managed by the best available Urologists in Kanpur

Stone Disease

The common concept that every stone needs operation is not true. Majority of stone patients (up to 80%) do not need any intervention or operation. With modern techniques of ESWL (Lithotripsy) PCNL & URS, the need of open operation has gone down

Prostate Enlargement

It is the commonest cause of urinary problems in aged men. TURP is routinely done at our Renal Sciences hospital with excellent outcomes. Uroflometry and Cystometrogram are done to evaulate the need for TURP.


In majority of patients, its treatment is by a telescopic instrument (nonoperative) but in some it requires reconstruction of the urinary passage (urethroplasty). Our team is very experienced in both the aspects of the treatments.

Urinary Infections (UTI), Blood in Urine and similar other complaints are routinely addressed by our team.

Kidney Disease

Surgical diseases of kidney such as STONE, TUMOURS, CYST, and VASCULAR MALFORMATIONS require appropriate and timely treatment. The treatment is operative or minimally invasive or conservative depending upon the type and nature of the disease.

Kidney Transplantations

Transplant program is being conducted in the hospital special Renal Sciences Center for the last 4 years.

The Department has a separate kidney transplant ICU with ventilator, C-PAP, CVP monitoring & Cardiac monitoring equipment’s. Isolated nursing care is provided to the patients by well trained & experienced Nursing Staff with special attention to asepsis, nutritional support & minimal handling to these immuno-compromised patients.

A post-transplant OPD is run for all follow up patients on every Thursday of the week, where all these patients are seen by a team of nephrologists and Transplant surgeons.


  • First and only Kidney Transplant Center of Central & Eastern Uttar Pradesh in private sector
  • More than 125 Kidney Transplants Done
  • Specialised ward taking care of Kidney Transplant Patients – KTU