The youth is often known to be the best phase of your life. Without any question, there goes a saying, make the most of youth, while you are still young. Having a healthy lifestyle has a lot of benefits. It can help in losing weight or maintaining a desired weight. It also can lower your cholesterol and prevent certain health conditions.

The lifestyle measures mentioned below can help youngsters lead a healthy and happy life.


  • Quality sleep

Did you know that adequate sleep is a prerequisite for healing, something we might totally take for granted. Not just that, it also helps our brain function effectively, regulates our blood and glucose level, and strengthens our immune system. A minimum of 6 hours of sleep is a must to feel fresh the next morning.


  • Smile from inside with yoga

It is hard to deny that exercise is essential for the wellness of mind and body. Yoga is an excellent method to keep you flexible, boosts your mood, and removes inertia from the body that can otherwise lead to cell degeneration. The essence of youth will reflect the number of times you smile in a day. Hence, exercise is an indispensable tool if you really want to keep your youthfulness alive. Sun Salutation better known as Surya Namaskar is a power-packed sequence of twelve yoga asanas that can make you mentally, emotionally and physically fit.


  • Nutritious and balanced meals

Simply eating the right food at the right time and in the correct proportion plays a crucial role in decreasing the rate of aging. You can choose to eat moderately sized meals thrice a day or smaller meals throughout the day. Doctors suggest that food chewed slowly and many times helps in better digestion. Choose products that list whole grains as the first ingredient. For example, whole grain bread or whole-wheat flour. Whole grains are low in fat and high in fiber.


  • Increase intake of herbs

Herbs are loaded with medicinal properties that can keep us young and glowing, naturally.For instance, basil tea or pepper with lukewarm water can be really effective in treating a cold. Ginger and cardamom infusion is known to be effective against a cough. Coriander, peppermint, basil, and thyme are enriched with life-enhancing antioxidants and should be added to food.


  • Reduce sedentary habits

A sedentary lifestyle accompanied by sitting for long hours can prove to be more harmful to your health than you can imagine. Sitting long hours reduces muscle function which eventually causes lower pain, poor posture, increases risk of cardiac arrest, blood pressure and hypertension. Desk jobs are nothing new, but more and more research has shown the harmful effects of sitting all day long. The lack of exercise from sitting 8-hours each day can slow metabolism and cause a negative ripple effect on important areas of your health. A recent study links excessive sitting to obesity, coronary artery calcification and increases the risk of heart disease by 14-percent. By getting up and moving around as often as possible. You can track and record your steps using a pedometer.


  • Up Vitamin Intake

Vitamin pills might seem small in size, but they are power packed to aid your health with boosting immunity, fatigue, as well as increasing antibodies. Some essentials to include are magnesium, iron, vitamins A, B, C, D and fish oil. Consult a medical professional or physician to know the correct dosage for you.


  • Add some form of exercise to routine

Inculcate exercise and physical activity in any way to lengthen your stamina and release toxins from the body. Be it walking, weight training, dancing, aerobics or running on the treadmill, do it with correct instructions and under supervision.



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