Cancer Care

Along with providing comprehensive and the best health care services in UP, we have dedicated specialists helping you combat the increasing impact of cancer.

Building Your Health For Life

With top-ranked oncologists and paramedics with the finest experience working towards cancer care, Regency Healthcare has become a single point for comprehensive and multidisciplinary cancer care, round-the-clock.

Radiation Oncology

Using X rays to kill cancer cells damaging DNA of tumor cells, this process is the most modern and advanced treatment for cancer.

Medical Oncology

We offer diagnosis and treatment for solid tumors and hematological malignancies, found in adults and children.

Surgical Oncology

Right from reconstructive/advanced surgery to minimal access surgery, our highly trained surgical oncologists skilfully perform complex tumor removals.

Nuclear Medicine Oncology

Nuclear Medicine Oncology helps identify tumours and assess the stage of Cancer. These techniques also help in the selection of treatment. Nuclear medicine scanning such as Bone scans and PET (positron emission tomography) scans are painless and usually done as an outpatient procedure at Regency Healthcare.

Hemato Oncology

Hemato Oncology services are available at Regency Healthcare, through accurate diagnosis, and treatment of blood diseases and cancer such as iron deficiency anemia, hemophilia, sickle cell disease, thalassemia, leukemia, and lymphoma, as well as cancers of other organs.

Our Top Ranked Team Of Experts

The core strength of Regency Healthcare is our team of highly trained super specialist doctors from prestigious institutes with expertise in managing a wide spectrum of cancer cases. They not only believe in doing the best for you, but also achieving the best for everyone.

Consultant Medical Oncology

Dr. Atul Kumar Gupta

Dr Atul Kumar Gupta has been working as a Consultant in the Department of Medical Oncology at Regency Hospital, Kanpur since February 2015.

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Consultant Radiation Oncology

Dr. Sandip Kumar Barik

A winner of the J.M. Pinto Gold Medal in 2012, Dr. Sandip Kumar Barik has been working as a Consultant in the Department of Medical Oncology, Regency Hospital Kanpur since Feb 2015.

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Numbers of Excellence

With a dynamic approach, we have been constantly working on upping our ante and achieving new milestones with each passing day.


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