Cancer Care

With the increasing impact of cancer, the need for a dedicated center for cancer care was felt. Going with our commitment to providing comprehensive and the best health care services in the region, we have recently launched HCG Regency Cancer Center.

HCG Regency Cancer Centre is an integral part of Regency Healthcare network, and staffed by well trained and experienced team of oncologists and paramedics and armed with world class equipment and facilities. With its recent introduction to the city of Kanpur, the HCG Regency Cancer Centre has become a single point for comprehensive and multi-disciplinary cancer care. It is focused on providing cutting edge healthcare using the most advanced medical technology available anywhere in the world. The Centre has a team of highly trained doctors with vast experience and research analysts working together to develop newer treatment approaches using them for effective patient cure and care. HCG Regency Cancer Center has the unique advantage of having the entire treatment modalities under one roof, with state of art Linear Accelerator, PET-CT, dedicated cancer ICU services and various latest equipment. This is the only comprehensive cancer care hospital in the region.

  • Medical Oncology
  • Radiation oncology
  • Surgical oncology

Our achievements:

  • Establishment of the first department of medical oncology in Kanpur.
  • Treated acute leukemia in private sector for the first time in Kanpur.
  • In house facility for PET CT.
  • Providing majority of chemotherapy on daycare basis, thus being affordable and convenient.
  • Inpatient facilities for management of complication of treatment including intensive care.
  • In house radiation facility to provide comprehensive cancer care.
  • Establishment of the only comprehensive cancer care hospital in the region.