Best Urology Hospital in Kanpur & Lucknow

Best Urologists Hospital in Kanpur & Lucknow



At Regency, we have highly qualified urologists and world-class surgical and dialysis facilities available under one roof, round-the- clock.

All forms of urology care under one roof!

When you come to Regency Healthcare for any urological condition, you are promised optimal results with minimal damage to the healthy tissue. How do we achieve such high levels of precision? With the use of latest surgical procedures that are performed under the expert eyes of our specialists who are committed to improving your experience & health while you are under their expert care.


We offer the most comprehensive & rapid access service for patients seeking treatment for:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Bladder & pelvic pain
  • Prostatitis
  • Bladder cancer
  • Urological cancer

Procedures we follow

Patients can be reassured our urologists are not only trained to the highest standards but have also performed countless procedures including:

  • Laparoscopy
  • Laser surgery for minimally invasive
  • Prostatectomy
  • Vasectomy
  • Cystectomy
  • Prostate biopsy

Our Top Ranked Team Of Experts

Our core strength is team of highly trained super specialist doctors from prestigious institutes
with expertise in managing wide spectrum of kidney related ailments.

Dr.Avijit Kumar

Surgeon | Urology

Dr. Avijit Kumar

Dr. Avijit kumar is currently associated with Regency Hospital Kanpur as a surgeon in urology with a major specialization in laparoscopic procedure.

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Dr.Piyush Tripathi

Surgeon | Urology

Dr. Piyush Tripathi

Dr. Piyush Tripathi with an experience of 10 years in Urology is currently associated with Regency Hospital Kanpur as a surgeon in urology.

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Dr. Sanjeev

Surgeon | Urology

Dr. Sanjeev Mehrotra

Dr. Sanjeev is Consultant Urologist & Renal Transplant Surgeon at Regency. He has performed more than 1200 + kidney transplants including Robotic surgery in his over two decade long career.

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Dr siddharth

Consultant | Urology

Dr. Siddharth Singh

Dr Siddharth Singh is associated with Regency Hospital, Lucknow as Consultant, Urology.

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Consultant | Urology

Dr. Rajiv Kumar

Dr. Kumar has done 3 years of senior residency from JIPMER. Currently he is associated with Regency hospital as consultant Urology.

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Numbers of Excellence

With a dynamic approach, we have been constantly working on upping our ante and achieving new milestones with each passing day.


Staff members & >100 full-time superspecialists.


Speciality centers


Years of experience

Patient testimonials

Here’s what our patients have to say about our services..

My partner and I visited the Regency City Clinic in Kanpur following several failed fertility treatments at an earlier fertility clinic for high oestrogen levels. The staff members were very professional and empathetic. The preliminary visit resulted in a gynaecological test, that led to the early diagnosis of a mild ovarian dermoid cyst. Following the removal of the cyst, we were successful in our first IVF trial. I have been blessed with a baby boy 2 months ago. Thank you, Regency!

Pooja Sharma


I was very apprehensive about being diagnosed with painful stones in my kidney. I was afraid of undergoing surgery. After, meeting with renal specialists at Regency, I found out that every stone does not require an operation. With modern techniques of ESWL (Lithotripsy) PCNL & URS, which are non-invasive, I finally got rid of the stones for all times.

Rahul Trivedi

I came to Regency Hospital, Kanpur for the treatment of my liver condition. We learned about Regency through friends in my workplace. The team at Regency provided me with top-notch service and personalized attention, much more than I expected. The staff is very helpful and cooperative. I already have and will surely recommend this remarkable health institution to my family and friends in the future.

Udit Kumar


I had terrible pelvic pain from the last 6-7 months, and that’s when I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts. Thinking and reading about the cysts made me horrified, but I wanted to cure myself as soon as possible. My aunt, being a doctor herself, recommended Regency Hospital for the treatment of my cysts, and I went ahead with her opinion. From one month, I have been regular with my periods, I have no pelvic pain and I have gotten rid of the cysts. Thanks, Regency!


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Frequently asked questions

Heart diseases are believed to claim lives of more than 40% of those who die each year. For which, we have already answered the questions, you might ask.


  • What is Urology? Who is a Urologist?
  • Do urologists treat both males and females?
  • When should I see a urologist?
  • It’s painful to urinate. What could be the problem?
  • What causes kidney stones and how can they be prevented?
  • What can I do to maintain good urological health?
What is Urology? Who is a Urologist?

Urology is a surgical speciality that addresses male and female diseases of the urinary tract, kidneys and the bladder, as well as male reproductive system disorders.

A urologist is a specially trained doctor who can treat diseases and conditions related to the male and female urinary tract (kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra) and male reproductive organs (prostate, penis, scrotum, testicles).

Do urologists treat both males and females?

Yes. Urologists treat both men and women of all ages.

When should I see a urologist?

Men: prostate problems, concerns about prostate cancer, PSA test pros/cons, difficulty passing urine, urinary infections, kidney stones, passing blood in urine, blood in semen, impotence (erectile dysfunction), premature /delayed ejaculation, low libido, painful ejaculation, infertility, testicular swellings/lumps, painful/bent penis on erection, vasectomy, circumcision (adult/child), injury to penis/testis, urinary retention (stoppage of urine), urinary incontinence.

Women: Urinary incontinence, stress incontinence, difficulty in passing water, recurrent water (urinary) infections, blood in urine, kidney stones.

It’s painful to urinate. What could be the problem?

There are many conditions that can cause painful urination, including:

  • Infection of the urinary tract or prostate
  • Obstruction in the urethra, kidney, bladder or prostate due to an infection or stones
What causes kidney stones and how can they be prevented?


  • 25% of the cases with kidney stones have a family or medical history of same
  • A lack of exercise or overweight
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Diet high in protein, sodium and/or sugar
  • Metabolic disorders


  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Consume less sodium
  • Eat food based on the metabolic workup done by a urologist
What can I do to maintain good urological health?

The best way to avoid urological problems is to:

  • Exercise daily for 40 mins
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Avoid tobacco, excessive alcohol, salt and caffeine
  • Do not ignore the early sign and symptoms of the Urinary system and consult a urologist at the earliest

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