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With top-ranked experts with the finest experience working towards your cardiac health and advanced treatments in a multi-specialty hospital with all facilities available under one roof, round-the-clock.

Coronary Artery Disease

Damage to heart’s major blood vessels is the most common issue faced by people. Regency Healthcare has a dedicated Coronary Care Unit which works in such extensive cases. Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) is also performed here.

Valve Prolapse

A condition in which the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high, resulting in acute heart pressure issues. With a preventive healthcare in cardiac areas, Regency Healthcare focuses on the immediacy of the situations with updated equipment and technologies.

Cardiac Arrest

In case of a sudden, unexpected loss of heart function, breathing and consciousness, Regency Healthcare is equipped with an immediate Interventional Cardiac Unit, Pacemaker Clinic and Pacemaker Bank for such emergencies.


Cardiac Dysrhythmia (also called irregular heartbeat) is caused due to abnormal electrical activity in a heart. This might pace up or pace down the heartbeat exponentially, further making it irregular. With Cardioversion and Ablation, we at Regency help to uniform the breathing naturally.

Cholesterol Block

Cholesterol is the substance that builds up unwanted blocks on the cells of the body, further adding to the tendency of cardiac issues. From limiting LDL to customizing your diet, Regency works on everything possible to control it.


With a complex lifestyle and abusive diet, Hypertension is caused due to force on the walls of arteries, causing high blood pressure. We help in toning that down and break the negative effects with appropriate medications and related activity suggestions.

Our Top Ranked Team Of Experts

The core strength of Regency Healthcare is our team of highly trained super specialist doctors from prestigious institutes with expertise in managing a wide spectrum of cardiac ailments. They not only believe in doing the best for you, but also achieving the best for everyone.

Senior Consultant, Interventional Cardiology

Dr. A.K. Trivedi

Dr. Trivedi is a distinguished lifetime member of Cardiology Society of India and has 34+ years of experience.

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Consultant Interventional, Cardiology Department

Dr. Abhinit Gupta

Dr. Gupta is the winner of the prestigious Indian Heart Journal – AV Gandhi Award for Excellence in Cardiology (2015).

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MD & Senior Consultant, Cardiology Department

Dr. Alok Tondon

Dr. Tondon has over 26 years of experience and specializes in Non-Interventional Clinical Cardiology.

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Senior Consultant, Cardiology Department

Dr. Harsh Agarwal

Dr. Agarwal has experience of 28 years of treating cardiac ailments and specializes in the treatment of Valvular Heart Disease.

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Numbers of Excellence

With a dynamic approach, we have been constantly working on upping our ante and achieving new milestones with each passing day.


Staff members & >100 full-time superspecialists.


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