Right from treating your gastrointestinal, liver, pancreatic, biliary diseases and digestive issues diligently, to providing world-class treatment for it – our experts work towards attaining the best for you.

Building Your Health For Life

Our top-ranked experts with the finest experience focus on evaluating, diagnosing and treating your digestive, gastrointestinal and liver disorders with advanced treatments, within a multi-specialty hospital with all facilities available under one roof, round-the-clock.

Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Also known as gastrointestinal hemorrhage, GI bleed majorly occurs from the mouth to the rectum or gastrointestinal tract.

Stomach Cancer

It is the fifth-most common cancer worldwide that can include colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer and more.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is a chronic condition that is quite common in nature and affects the large intestine. Bloating, constipation are few common symptoms of the same.

Our Top Ranked Team Of Experts

The core strength of Regency Healthcare is our team of highly trained super specialist doctors from prestigious institutes with expertise in managing a wide spectrum of gastro ailments. They not only believe in doing the best for you, but also achieving the best for everyone.

Consultant Pediatric Gastroenterology

Dr. Jaya Agarwal

Dr. Jaya Agarwal is the recipient of prestigious Hari Om Ashram award 2015 by Indian society of Gastroenterology.

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Consultant Surgical Gastroenterology

Dr. Abhimanyu Kapoor

Dr. Abhimanyu Kapoor works as a Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist with Regency Hospital.

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Consultant Gastrology

Dr. Madhur Chaudhary

A member of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology, Dr Madhur Chaudhary is the winner of Best Poster award ISGCON, New Delhi 2016.

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Consultant Gastroenterology

Dr. Mayank Mehrotra

With clinical interests in Hepatology, GI motility and functional bowel disorders, Dr Mayank Mehrotra has been at Regency Hospital since 2013.

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Numbers of Excellence

With a dynamic approach, we have been constantly working on upping our ante and achieving new milestones with each passing day.


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