December 30, 2020 By Content Team

Setting up Airway Clinic for the First Time in Kanpur

Airway clinic is being set up by Regency hospital Tower – 1 in collaboration with the Departments of ENT, Paediatrics, Pulmonary Medicine, Anaesthesia and Critical care. There is a felt need for a multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of airway problems and Regency hospital has taken a lead in setting up such a unit and is being formally unveiled on 26th December 2020.

Due to improved survival among patients with road traffic accidents and aGer long term ICU management, there has been a simultaneous increase in airway diseases like tracheal stenosis. Better survival of new-born with congenital anomalies due to improved neonatal care and advanced diagnostic tools, more of airway diseases in children are being seen now.

Such patients with airway issues had to be referred to big cities for further treatment adding on the misery of patients. In addition, such diseases sometimes require multiple staged surgical and diagnostic workups. Travelling to different city for treatment many times adds to the financial burden of the families apart from being very troublesome.

The clinic will attempt to take care of such airway diseases in all age groups which were previously undiagnosed or difficult to manage. The availability of treatment in the place of stay would relieve patients and their caregivers of the burden financially as well as physically.

Airway being the common domain of multiple departments a special airway clinic will ensure interdepartmental collaboration by virtue of an already existing advanced instrument inventory present at Regency Hospital needed for diagnosis and surgical management.

As an initiative, a joint seminar is also being organised on 26th December 2020 with a guest lecture by a senior Airway and ENT surgeon Dr Rakesh Srivastava from Lucknow which will be followed by a panel discussion by consultants of all the departments. Dr Srivastava has also consented to be a consultant for our clinic to provide support in such complicated problems.

Dr Atul Kapoor (Founder & MD) Gave Congratulations on setting up this Airway Clinic and extended his greeting.

Setting up of this clinic will mark Regency hospital among the very few centres in the country which will aim to provide the whole spectrum of advanced airway management from diagnosis up to complete treatment.

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