Best Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Management Hospital in Kanpur

Best Anesthesia and Pain Management Hospital in Kanpur


Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Management

Right from advanced diagnoses to complex treatments, our experts’ work is based on ethics, quality care and professional learning, backed by the latest technology.

Building Your Health For Life

Equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment, the Department of Anaesthesia, Critical care and Pain Management at Regency caters to all specialities and has four operation theatres running round the clock. At Regency, this department plays a key role in painless labour and delivery and providing ICU facilities for critically ill patients.


It is the use of medicine to prevent or reduce the feeling of pain or sensation during surgery or other painful procedures.

Intensive Care Unit

An intensive care unit, or ICU, is a specialized section of a hospital that provides comprehensive and continuous care for persons who are critically ill.

Golden Hour

The 60 minutes after a traumatic injury is called as the “golden hour,” a window of time in which a victim is thought to have the greatest chance of survival if given medical attention.

Our Top Ranked Team Of Experts

The core strength of Regency Healthcare is our team of highly trained super specialist doctors from prestigious institutes with expertise in critical care and pain management conditions.

Dr. Asha Agarwal

Anaesthesiologist | Anaesthesiology

Dr. Asha Agarwal

Dr. Asha Agarwal is currently associated with Regency Hospital as a Consultant in Anaesthesia. She has been associated with Regency Hospital since July 1996.

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Dr. Astha Agarwal

Anaesthesiologist | Anaesthesiology

Dr. Astha Agarwal

Dr. Astha Agarwal is associated with Regency Hospital as a Consultant in Anaesthesia. She has worked as a Senior Residency in Anesthesia in Sunder Lal Hospital, Varanasi

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Dr. Neemat Bano

Anaesthesiologist | Anaesthesiology

Dr. Neemat Bano

Dr Neemat has more than 22 years of experience in Anaesthesia for all Superspeciality Surgeries and Critical Care.

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Dr. Rajnish Bajwa 1

Anaesthesiologist | Anaesthesiology

Dr. Rajnish Bajwa

With more than 25 years of experience in Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Dr Bajwa has been with Regency Hospital, Kanpur since last 20 years.

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Dr. Shipra Agarwal

Anaesthesiologist | Anaesthesiology

Dr. Shipra Agarwal

Dr. Shipra Agarwal is currently associated with Regency Hospital as a Consultant in Anaesthisia.

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Dr.Ruby sm

Anaesthesiologist | Anaesthesiology

Dr. Ruby Srivastava

Dr. Ruby Srivastava has done her Senior Residency from LLR Hospital Kanpur and LPS Institute of Cardiology Kanpur in Feb 1996 to May 1997.

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dr yash javeri new

Head | Critical Care, Anaesthesia & Emergency Medicine

Dr. Yash Javeri

Dr Yash Javeri brings with him vast experience in multi professional critical care practice. He is responsible to lead a high calibre team of critical care physicians and nurses to provide a range of specialized administrative and clinical services to the patients.

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Mr Abhishek

Consultant | Critical Care, Anaesthesia & Emergency Medicine

Dr. Abhishek Srivastava

Dr Abhishek Srivastava has 10 years of experience in the field of Critical care, Anesthesia & Emergency Medicine. Currently he is associated with Regency Hospital, Lucknow as Consultant

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Numbers of Excellence

With a dynamic approach, we have been constantly working on upping our ante and achieving new milestones with each passing day.


Staff members & >100 full-time superspecialists.


Speciality centers


Years of experience

Patient testimonials

Here’s what our patients have to say about our services..

My partner and I visited the Regency City Clinic in Kanpur following several failed fertility treatments at an earlier fertility clinic for high oestrogen levels. The staff members were very professional and empathetic. The preliminary visit resulted in a gynaecological test, that led to the early diagnosis of a mild ovarian dermoid cyst. Following the removal of the cyst, we were successful in our first IVF trial. I have been blessed with a baby boy 2 months ago. Thank you, Regency!

Pooja Sharma


I was very apprehensive about being diagnosed with painful stones in my kidney. I was afraid of undergoing surgery. After, meeting with renal specialists at Regency, I found out that every stone does not require an operation. With modern techniques of ESWL (Lithotripsy) PCNL & URS, which are non-invasive, I finally got rid of the stones for all times.

Rahul Trivedi

I came to Regency Hospital, Kanpur for the treatment of my liver condition. We learned about Regency through friends in my workplace. The team at Regency provided me with top-notch service and personalized attention, much more than I expected. The staff is very helpful and cooperative. I already have and will surely recommend this remarkable health institution to my family and friends in the future.

Udit Kumar


I had terrible pelvic pain from the last 6-7 months, and that’s when I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts. Thinking and reading about the cysts made me horrified, but I wanted to cure myself as soon as possible. My aunt, being a doctor herself, recommended Regency Hospital for the treatment of my cysts, and I went ahead with her opinion. From one month, I have been regular with my periods, I have no pelvic pain and I have gotten rid of the cysts. Thanks, Regency!


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Frequently asked questions

Heart diseases are believed to claim lives of more than 40% of those who die each year. For which, we have already answered the questions, you might ask.


  • What is Anaesthesia? Who provides it?
  • What are the different types of Anaesthesia?
  • How do doctors give you Anaesthesia?
  • How long does it take for the effect of anaesthesia to kick in?
  • Do you stop breathing during general anaesthesia?
  • Are there any side effects from Anaesthesia?
What is Anaesthesia? Who provides it?

Anaesthesia is given to patients so that surgery and other medical procedures can be carried out safely and without pain. The word anaesthesia means ‘loss of sensation’. People under anaesthesia will ‘lose’ feelings of pain and other sensations.

It can be relatively simple, like numbing an area around a tooth during dental treatment, or something more complex, like using powerful drugs to cause unconsciousness.

An Anaesthetist administers your anaesthesia.

What are the different types of Anaesthesia?

There are different types of anaesthesia:

  • General Anaesthesia
  • Regional Anaesthesia
  • Local Anaesthesia
How do doctors give you Anaesthesia?

It depends on the type of anaesthesia. It might be administered via injection, inhalation, topical lotion, spray, eye drops or skin patches.

How long does it take for the effect of anaesthesia to kick in?

It can take anywhere from 30-60 seconds depending on the type of anaesthesia given to the route.

Do you stop breathing during general anaesthesia?

No. After you’re unconscious, your anaesthetist places a breathing tube through your mouth or nose to make sure you maintain proper breathing during the procedure.

Are there any side effects from Anaesthesia?

After getting anaesthesia in your bloodstream, some of the people might experience:

  • Mild nausea and/or vomiting
  • Sore throat
  • Dizziness or grogginess

Please note that these symptoms are very mild.

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