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Here is a friend you must really invest in – your heart. The more you care for your heart, the healthier it will be. In fact, when you do so, this friend will reward you with prospects of a long life so that you can enjoy all the lovely moments of life, making it enriching, beautiful and memorable.

The Healthy Heart Pledge

I hereby pledge that I will take care of my heart like a true friend. I pledge I will always try to minimize stress and make my heart beat loud with smiles and laughter. I pledge that I will go for regular walks to give strength to my muscles. I pledge that I will try to maintain a healthy lifestyle for my heart’s life. I pledge that I will do things that make my heart healthy, and I will abstain from habits that affect my heart adversely. So, from today, I will

539053560 quitting smoking

Quit Smoking

539053556 quitting alcohol

Avoid Alcohol

539053597 increasing physical activity

Increase Physical Activity

539053582 controlling stress

Reduce Stress

539053587 following a healthy diet

Eat Healthy

Control Your Cholesterol

Control Cholesterol

So, on this World Heart Day, let’s say hello to our heart and pledge to keep our heart healthy. For all those precious moments of our lives. #KaroDilSeDosti

Take the pledge, share your activity or story – tag us @RegencyHealth #KaroDilSeDosti and win a free Cardiac Health Package.

Let us embark on this journey!
🫀 Share Your Healthy Adventures – Take a picture or video of your activity and exercise showing dedication to a healthy heart. Please share this on Facebook and Instagram.
🫀Share your Healthy Heart Stories and Tips

Don’t forget to use the #KaroDilSeDosti and tag us @RegencyHealth
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Take A Step Towards Healthy Heart

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    · Valid from 25th September to 25th December, 2023
    · First 50 pledge registrations win a free cardiac health checkup.
    · The next ones stand a chance for a 20% discount on cardiac consultation & in-house investigations.
    · Conditions apply

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