How to Prevent Stroke

Best ways to prevent stroke

Prevent Stroke: What you can do?

October 28, 2022 0

A stroke is a medical condition when the blood supply to our brain is cut off. Constant blood flow to various body parts plays a vital role in their smooth functioning. When the blood flow to the brain is stopped, our brain cells can die causing an interruption in the functioning of several major body parts. As we age, our chances of getting a stroke increase. Stroke mainly occurs due to a clot in the arteries carrying the blood. A hemorrhage due to a blood vessel burst is also a major cause of stroke. Apart from increasing age, our poor lifestyle choices are also known to cause strokes. In recent years, an increasing number of young adults and middle-aged people are also suffering from strokes bringing the need for increased awareness and a health-conscious lifestyle to the centre stage. 

Here are some ways you can prevent stroke and lead a healthy life.

Proper Diet – Healthy diet is one of the foremost requirements for the proper functioning of the body. An unhealthy diet bereft of necessary nutrients can lead to abnormal cholesterol levels and blood pressure readings. Our diet must consist of fresh vegetables along with low-fat, high-fiber food items. Eating in moderation and achieving appropriate micro-nutrient intake each day can play a massive role in managing our overall health. Salt intake must also be controlled and no more than one teaspoon of salt must be taken in our overall diet. Heavy salt intake regularly can lead to blood pressure fluctuations.

Regular Exercise – Exercise plays a vital role in keeping our body in shape and heart healthy. Aerobic activities like cycling, jogging, walking, swimming, etc. play a key role in keeping our health parameters at their appropriate levels. This also controls our cholesterol levels and keeps our blood pressure in check. Keeping the body active and doing at least 30 minutes of exercise at low to moderate intensity levels play a vital role in stroke prevention.

Exercise also plays a huge role in post-stroke recovery and you may visit your nearest super speciality hospital to seek the best medical guidance on it. For people with a sedentary lifestyle, it might be difficult to get on with 30-40 minutes of daily exercise straight away. Hence it is recommended to start with 10 minutes of brisk walking and increase the time every week.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol- Regular smokers have a high chance of suffering a stroke. Similarly, our alcohol consumption can also lead to this fatal medical condition. Smoking can also lead to stroke-induced paralysis as it creates a clog in our arteries. Quitting smoking can also lead to improvement in overall health as well and significantly improves our lung condition. Similarly, alcoholic beverages can cause significant weight gain as they are high in calories. Alcohol is known to increase the chance of stroke by three times and can create heavy fluctuations in blood pressure.

Lose Weight – Obesity is one of the main reasons for stroke. It leads to several complications like high cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure among several others which are direct causes of stroke in adults. Keeping our weight in check and maintaining our Body Mass Index (BMI) below 25 can play a significant role in preventing stroke. To lose weight we must maintain a healthy diet and combine it with proper exercise. The caloric deficit which means more calories spent than consumed can help us in losing weight. 

Millions of people suffer from strokes worldwide and the primary reasons for these strokes are the ones mentioned above. To create awareness about this massive health issue, every year 29th October is marked as World Stroke Day. A regular health check-up at your nearest super speciality hospital can let us know of our body condition and risk levels.

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