Steps To Quit Smoking Right Now

Steps To Quit Smoking Right Now

January 29, 2020 0

Not buying a cigarette is just the first step towards quitting smoking. It’s not the only step. There are a lot of other measures needed to be taken in order to make your journey less challenging and more fruitful.

All you need to do to quit smoking:

  1. The real first step you need to take is to realize and make up your mind as to why you want to quit smoking. Think of all the reasons why you’d like to quit it; make a list of all the goals you’ll be achieving by getting rid of the cancer stick. This list will boost your determination to a great extent
  2. Anti-craving strategies: Depending on how old your habit is you may periodically feel the urge to smoke. Whenever you feel desperate for a cigarette, try the following:
    1. Take a pen or pencil and enact the hand-to-mouth motion you’d do while smoking.
    2. Munch on healthy snacks like nuts, popcorn, low-sodium baked chips, carrots, apples, etc.
    3. Squeeze a stress ball
    4. Immerse yourself in some physical activity – go for a walk, rearrange your desk or cupboard.
    5. Chew on a pack of sugar-free gum.
    6. Re-read the list you made in step one.
    7. Remind yourself that the urge is only a passing phase.
    8. For 10 minutes, inhale from your nose and exhale slowly through the mouth.
  3. Meet the doctor: For personalized yet professional help, consult a doctor or counselor. This not only boosts your confidence and determination to stick to your decision but also guides you through the steps and medication (if needed) you’ll have to take during the withdrawal phase.
  4. Combat psychological withdrawal symptoms: Yes, quitting cold-turkey (all of a sudden and completely) can lead to symptoms like frustration, slight depression, anger, and irritation. The good news is that these may be at their peak only in the first week of your withdrawal phase. Stay away from caffeinated drinks for at least two months. Take refuge in relaxation methods like massages, hot-water baths, and meditation. Be in a quiet place for a while in the mornings and evenings. When feeling a bit low or down, hang out with friends, go for a movie, exercise. Meet a doctor if the mood swings last more than a month.
  5. Stay away from the triggers: Try to avoid accompanying your friends and colleagues during their cigarette breaks. If you can’t avoid triggers like stress, boredom, the need to kick start your morning; adopt methods other than smoking for combating them.
  6. Creative techniques: Pay a fine to your family member/roommate or deprive yourself of a treat, recreational activity, every time you smoke.

Although the severity of the withdrawal symptoms may be intense only in the initial one to four weeks of quitting smoking; the best way to make it easier for your body and mind is to take professional help from a doctor. For further guidance, visit Regency HealthCare, now.

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