Ways To Protect Yourself From Pollution

Ways To Protect Yourself From Pollution

December 5, 2019 0

Pollution, especially air pollution, can lead to many drastic health issues ranging from respiratory disorders and eye problems to pre-term births and neurological development complications in children. Apart from reducing pollution, safeguarding yourself from the already prevalent pollutants is important.

Here are some ways to protect yourself from different types of pollution:

  • Protection from Air Pollution – When outside the house, don’t forget to use a face mask. It is advisable to wear N95 & N55 masks when going out but do consult a doctor to know as to which kind of face mask should be used. Have a bath whenever you get back home, especially if you have spent a substantial amount of time out in the open or in crowded places. During peak pollution hours, avoid exercising outdoors.
  • Protection from Air Pollution at home – Prevention is also a way of protection. Don’t use any gasoline or kerosene powered products like lamps, stoves, lawn machinery, etc. Try to have some well-kempt greenery around the house. Plant Aloe Vera, Ivy and Spider plants inside the home or office to purify the air. The kitchen and bathrooms should have good ventilation. Install air-purifies at home, especially if there are children and elderly folks in the family. Indulge in eucalyptus-oil-enriched steam inhalation, regularly, to cleanse your respiratory tracks. Eat vitamin C and fatty acids rich foods and drink herbal teas to boost your immunity to fight certain pollutants.
  • Protection from Water Pollution – Make sure your drinking water is safe for consumption. Storing water in clay pots instead of plastic bottles can keep drinking water free from harmful plastic-induced chemicals like BPA which can cause hormonal imbalances. A few drops of disinfectant liquid in your bath water can help you get rid of pollutants absorbed by the skin, more effectively.
  • Protection from Soil Pollution – Too much use of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides can contaminate the soil leading to crops – vegetables, fruits and grains – being laced with harmful chemicals. Opting for organically grown foods, cultivating your own kitchen garden, knowing the source of your regular vegetable vendor are some of the ways of ensuring you are eating healthy.
  • Protection from Noise Pollution – As per the WHO, 1.1 billion teens and young adults run the risk of developing hearing loss because of “personal audio devices” like earphones and headphones. Listening to music beyond 110 decibels (as loud as a chain saw) for a series of minutes can cause permanent nerve damage and loss of hearing. Limit your use of headphones for not more than an hour per day, with the volume at moderate levels.

Although these methods are effective in reducing the harmful effects of pollution, it sometimes becomes tricky to decipher the indirect causes and sources of pollution. Consult a trusted doctor, today to know more about protection from pollution. Visit only the best – Regency HealthCare – Kanpur’s number one hospital chain. Stay safe!

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