How To Keep Asthma Under Control During Winters

How can I control my asthma in the winter?

How To Keep Asthma Under Control During Winters

January 16, 2020 0

Asthma is a type of lung disease in which the respiratory tract becomes narrow due to swelling, making it difficult to breathe. Even infections like the common cold can trigger an asthma attack. That is why being extra cautious during winter becomes crucial to prevent an asthma attack.

Here’s how you can keep asthma under control during winter:

  • Tips for within the house: Winter is a time when you tend to spend more time in the warmth of your home. This means longer exposure to dust, pet dander or fur, and mold (fungus). Follow the below tips when at home, if you have asthma –
    • Keep your pets (if any) away from your bed and bedroom. This ensures a trigger-free sleep to a large extent.
    • Cover your bedding, and pillows with a cloth during the day to keep them as dust-free as possible.
    • Winter is a time when your house can get infested with moisture due to a lack of proper sunlight. Keep your house as dry as possible. Mop the bathroom floor after use. Get any water leakages repaired before they dampen the walls. Make sure your laundry is completely dry before you put them in the closet. The idea is to prevent mold (ulli) build-up in the house. If required, use a room heater in areas that receive no sunlight at all.
    • For the same reason, use moisture absorbers or air purifiers to keep a check on the humidity levels in your house.
    • Avoid using scented candles to bring warmth and to cut out the winter gloom in your home. If possible, do not hesitate to request your friends/ relatives too to not use them, while you visit them.
  • Tips for when you are outside:
    • Never leave your premises without wearing a mask or covering your face to avoid breathing the sharp cold winter wind, directly.
    • Stay away from people infected with cold or flu as far as possible. Maintain at least 3 feet distance from them.
    • Wash your hands regularly. This helps keep germs from entering your nose and mouth through your hands.
    • Avoid barbecue parties and bonfires no matter how tempting they might be.
  • Medication Tip: Even if you haven’t had an asthma attack for a while, it’s always better to ask your doctor what precautionary medication you should take at the onset of winter. Plus, discuss the plan of action you need to follow in case your asthma gets triggered.
  • Exercise Tips: If your fitness mantra includes a morning/ evening walk, you might have to consider replacing it with exercising in the gym or at home to reduce your exposure to the cold winter air.

For a better understanding of keeping an asthma attack at bay, it’s always beneficial to consult a doctor in person. Get the best advice only from an expert. Visit Regency HealthCare today!

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