Know all about Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Know all about Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

April 24, 2019 0

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Highly specialized care for critically ill newborn children

The department is managed by highly qualified and skilled team of senior consultants who are available round the clock on rotation basis to ensure highest standards of care. We have reputed Pediatric surgeons available round the clock. In addition, we have a Lactation counsellor so that mothers can breast feed the babies adequately. Services of occupational and physio therapists, who are specially trained in neonatal care are also available. The unit is also staffed with well trained, skilled and experienced nurses who form the backbone of our services.

Our physicians, nurses and allied medical care professionals who work in NICU have extensive knowledge, skills, expertise, so that the neonates can achieve the best outcomes possible from critical illness. The use of advanced technologies provide support for speedy recovery.

We deal with all conditions pertaining to a newborn. We have in house renowned Geneticist and pediatric endocrinologist who takes care of all genetic and endocrine disorders.

Dr. C. P Singh

Consultant NICU

Dr. C.P. Singh

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