How To Prevent Cold And Flu

Cold and Flu Prevention

How To Prevent Cold And Flu

January 9, 2020 0

Common sense may not be that common but common cold sadly is. Despite this, you can still avoid getting sick this winter by following these simple, clever health tricks.

Here’s how you can prevent cold and flu:

  • Keep Clean – Wash your hands with soap properly whenever you return home; before meals; before and after using the public toilet; etc. It’s the most effective way of getting rid of the cold virus from your body before it can cause any harm. Use an alcohol-based sanitizer when outside. [1] If you own a taxi, office, restaurant, school or any public place make sure to clean the common-touched surfaces (handles, switches, etc.) daily.[2] Change your clothes immediately after coming back home.
  • Keep Away – The common cold is a highly communicable infection. Maintain a certain distance (at least three feet) and/ or avoid socializing for a while with people who have the flu. If you are affected by it then you can help prevent it from spreading by consciously avoiding public places. Wear a mask if can’t skip your office. Avoid sharing plates and eating utensils. Sneeze into a tissue instead of your bare hands and dispose of the tissue responsibly.
  • Keep Your Hands Off of your face, nose, and mouth to prevent germs from entering your body through your hands.
  • Keep Healthy – You can’t avoid coming in contact with flu germs at all times. For moments like these, your strong immune system can help kill the virus and prevent cold. Eat a lot of vitamin C foods like oranges; antioxidant-rich items like herbal teas and berries; and vitamin D supplements like mushrooms, egg yolk, and fatty fish.[3] Adding black pepper to your regular meals and drinking turmeric milk is also vital.[4] This is especially essential for boosting immunity in children. Consuming probiotics like curd is said to reduce the chances of cold by 27%.[5]
  • Keep Moving – Exercise is not just meant for keeping your body in shape. It can also make your body strong and bring down the chances of catching a cold by 27%. Exercise generates the production of epinephrine, which aids in relieving nasal discomfort.[6]
  • Sleep Well – Your body can protect you from germs even while asleep. A 7-8 hours sleep routine promotes the production of a protein called cytokines that helps fight infections.[7]

Cough, phlegm formation, sneezing, and weakness are the prominent symptoms of a cold. If these signs prevail beyond three weeks, you need to consult a medical expert immediately to rule out life-threatening diseases like pneumonia, TB, etc. For the best of medical advice and treatment, visit Regency HealthCare, Kanpur’s No.1 healthcare provider.

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