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Of all the cancers affecting women, cervical cancer has become the second most commonly known cause of cancer-related deaths in India. On an average, there are about 122,000 new cases of cervical cancer detected annually in our country, out of which 67,500 women succumb to the disease due to lack of knowledge about it.


Lung cancer is a tricky condition because it is often asymptomatic, or invisible until it has become more advanced. If you are worried about developing lung cancer or are worried about a loved one, here are some early signs to watch out for:-


According to WHO, tobacco consumption continues to be the leading preventable cause of death in the world. It is responsible for more than 7 million deaths across the world. More than 6 million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while around 890 000 are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.


Responsible for more than 1.69 million deaths each year, lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide, according to WHO statistics. Tobacco consumption, exposure to carcinogens, air pollution, family history and poor diet are leading causes of lung cancer. There’s no sure way to prevent lung cancer, but you can reduce your risk of developing lung cancer if you adopt certain healthy habits and protective measures.


Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancerous deaths amongst women in India. According to WHO, cervical cancer is the fourth most frequent cancer in women worldwide with an estimated one million-plus women currently living with this condition. Last year, it caused 70,000 deaths in India, more than anywhere else in the globe. What is even more shocking is the fact that a cancer with effective vaccine is killing thousands of women.


Cancer is one of the most feared and devastating illnesses one can suffer from. Prevention of cancer can indeed be achieved by adopting certain lifestyle habits to give you the best chance of not receiving this most dreaded diagnosis. These healthy lifestyle habits will be outlined here with suggestions on how to implement them successfully.


Quitting tobacco might be on your list of goals for many years. But as you know, the first few days are the hardest and the probability of relapsing is very high.More than 6 million people die worldwide every year due to tobacco use. Out of this, more than five million deaths are due to direct tobacco use and more than 600,000 are from second-hand exposure. Tobacco smoking is responsible for 30% of all cancer deaths, 17% of all heart disease deaths and at least 80% of deaths from bronchitis and emphysema.


The International Agency For Research In Cancer (IARC) states that more than 4000 types of chemicals are present in tobacco and the smoke produced by it.  Over 60 of these chemicals have been classified as carcinogens or also commonly addressed as cancer-causing particles. Tobacco use is a leading cause of cancer and death thereafter.

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